Providing access to capital and alternative investments

Trade Forex, Futures and stocks, managed by experienced traders

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As an essential first step when introducing investment solutions, we ensure that we fully understand what your objectives and expectations are. A high level of due diligence is completed with industry experts to offer solutions that are fit for purpose and deliver above average returns.


Our team and partners work hard to generate maximum returns, delivered through a world class service for all our clients. We provide introductions to the best solutions in the market place and continue to grow this portfolio as the global economic landscape evolves.


We will show you both tried-and-tested investment solutions, as well as exciting and innovative early stage investment opportunities. In uncertain times, having exposure to uncorrelated, alternative investments can help to diversify your portfolio. Our team of experts collectively have vast experience in financial services, helping to raise capital, manage and protect your wealth.


With extensive knowledge of the financial services industry, equity and foreign exchange markets, we are dedicated to helping clients successfully grow their capital and raise capital for business growth. Our experienced agents are passionate about finding the right solutions for you across the globe.


We provide access to bespoke corporate tax planning strategies that can potentially reduce or even completely mitigate your tax bill. In addition, many of our investment solutions also come with significant tax benefits like Innovative Finance ISA's (IFISA) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) that can help investors to reduce or reclaim Income tax, Capital gains tax and Inheritance tax.


We currently provide access to Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Property, Whisky by the bottle or by the cask and carefully selected Early-Stage Companies in a variety of sectors. We will be with you every step of the way on your search for the right investment solutions, guiding you through the entire process. Before starting the search, we will establish your requirements, and once you’ve agreed to move forward, we will also assist you in completing the necessary documents.


Over the years, our extensive knowledge has helped us to successfully help many businesses raise funding to further develop and grow their business. We work hard to generate the best terms, while also finding a suitable investor, collective of investors or lender in line with your objectives and desired structure. We have created the Hunter FS Investment platform to enable suitable investors to view opportunities and invest directly.


Trust in our know-how when finding the right investment solution. We ensure that all solutions will be matched accurately to your requirements by analyzing your objectives and the current market. Then we will show you tried-and-tested solutions that will meet your expectations and will allow you to make an informed decision.